We, the UCSB Actuarial Association, are a group of people focused on one idea: helping students like ourselves grow, learn, and discover what it takes to become an actuary.

Our association is designed to help answer the question of what actuaries are and what actuarial science is, and to create a student-focused community around the field. To help our members on their journey to becoming an actuary, the UCSB Actuarial Association offers assistance in four categories: professional connections, actuarial exams, social connections, and case competitions.

Professional Events

The Association regularly hosts many professional and educational events that are designed to help connect students with professionals. We regularly hold workshops such as resume reviews and interview workshops to educate students on how to better prepare themselves for the career. Our annual career fair in the Fall Quarter of each year connects actuarial students with real companies, giving them an opportunity to network with recruiters and actuaries to learn more about the industry.

Case Competitions

Case Competitions are a great way for students to get some first-hand experience at tackling actuarial problems.Teams work in groups of 3 or 4 to come up with a solution and create a report detailing how they would advise a business or insurance company on how to approach certain issues. Although difficult, these case competition experiences are great learning experiences and are excellent on resumes.

Social Events

In addition to educational and professional events, our Association hosts a series of social events throughout the year that our members can attend. This is a great way to get to know and meet like-minded students in a more relaxed and casual setting. Admission to all these events is entirely free given that you are a member of our Association.