UC Berkeley Post-Case Competition Meeting

–We will be discussing the material presented in both the retirement and Health & Benefits tracks, and learn more about how each team approach the solutions to both tracks.
– Tacos will be provided!

Time: April 19th  2 PM – 3 PM

Location: SH Sobel Room

Actuarial Movie Night

–Enjoy a movie, bring your friends!
Tell us which movie you would like to watch: https://forms.gle/oFzW5UmfsJbBPrjt8

Time: April 19th 4 PM – 6 PM

Location: SRB Third Floor Forum room

Ice Skating (Actuaries on Ice)

–Join us this Saturday on some slippery ice.
– If you need a ride or can give a ride, please sign-up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oGSidrsCwhzVl9G3W6hMHMZdPA-w1y72GLqtAoLyjQc/edit?usp=sharing
– Please wear warm clothes and bring your own gloves/mittens
– Shoe rentals and admission tickets will be covered by the club.

Time: April 27th 10pm

Location: Ice in Paradise