To become a member for the 2019-2020 school year you can:


  • Venmo $30 to “UCSB Actuarial Association” with your name, year, email, phone number, and number of exams passed.

Alumni membership is $10. Venmo username is @UCSBAA and the profile picture on Venmo is the same as Facebook.


Membership Benefits and Requirements

All non-officer members of the UC Santa Barbara Actuarial Association must be:

  • Staff, faculty members or UC Santa Barbara students who have paid the club membership dues.
  • Must pay an annual membership fee of $30 (no prorated adjustments). These dues are to be used to promote club events, and for purchase of materials to enhance actuarial education of club members
  • Must sign-in and attend at least two events per quarter to be considered an Active Member.

Benefits for Active Members include the following:

  • Eligible to attend all events (20-25 events per quarter)
  • Eligible to participate in Actuarial Case Study Competitions
  • Eligible to enroll in the Actuarial Mentorship Program
  • Community Volunteering Opportunities
  • Access to all Actuarial Exam Study Manuals in PSTAT Dept.
  • Discount Codes for Actuarial Exam Seminars (The Infinite Actuary, Coaching Actuaries, etc.)
  • Eligible for Actuarial Exam Fee Reimbursement
  • Can use study space in library reserved exclusively for club members
  • Can sign-up for Club sports teams
  • And much more …