Dear UCSB Actuaries,

Following our CASS 2019 event, we are strengthening our collaboration between UCSB’s Actuarial Association and TIA (The Infinite Actuary). Dr. Lee Gibson spoke at CASS about TIA’s methodology for preparing for exams (see his slides at ). He is also developing TIA materials for new actuarial exams and would like to offer UCSB students an opportunity of paid internships.

The work is to type, using LaTeX, solutions to problems for which he already has video solutions. LaTeX is the typesetting system you use in creating homework and final reports in R Studio when using knitr. LaTeX is used in sciences for printing math equations and your professors use it to type lecture notes. It’s free and you may download it from . LaTeX has a fantastic support system: any time you are not sure about a command, simply type your question onto Google!

If you are interested, below is a message from Dr. Gibson on how to join the project–Raya


Hello!  My name is Lee Gibson, and I am the director of preliminary exam courses at The Infinite Actuary (   We teach online courses to help candidates prepare to take the professional actuarial exams.

If you have learned LaTeX for typing up homework or notes for your classes, I’d like to offer you a way to make some money using that skill.   We have a few hundred actuarial style problems for which we have video solutions, but we need those solutions to be typeset in LaTeX.   

To help describe what we need, and to create a way for you to audition your skills, we created a sample LaTeX project in Overleaf.  You can view this project at the following link – the details are in the INSTRUCTIONS.tex file, and the sample tex file has three completed problems for reference and three problems with links to video solutions for you to try your hand at.

If you are interested, here’s what you should do.

  1. Download the overleaf project.  To do that, click Menu at the upper left of the project screen, and then click the “Source” option to obtain a zip file with all of the project files.
  2. Upload this zip file to a new project in your own (free) overleaf account.
  3. Complete the three typed solutions in the IFM-Sample.tex file using the video solution linked in the comment just before each problem statement.  
  4. Email me ( a link to your completed project (Click “Share” at the top right of the overleaf window to get a link), and include your contact information as well as a ballpark estimate of the time that you spent completing the project.

If you are hired, we will pay $6.50 cash per completed problem, or $10 per problem in credit toward a subscription to a TIA exam course.   

Thanks for considering this project!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Director, Preliminary Exams

Instructor, CAS MAS-I, SOA SRM